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The allusions continue, and a knowledge of Greek myth is certainly helpful in fully appreciating the depth of the novel, but isn't necessary. McCarthy draws upon archetypal resonance to give 'Outer Dark' a weight that transcends the particulars of time and place without in any way negating them. It's not his greatest novel, but it was his first true masterpiece. View 2 comments. With this story, the author shows us that two people who have been able to get closer to their being, separate to follow parallel paths. Finally, a lesson in ordinary life but inscribed in an unknown setting.

Through the play of symbols, the rhythm of the story, episodes of discoveries we seek as characters to know the rest A very modern novel, and very nice. Definitionally Southern Gothic This novel should top the list in any Google search for, or be featured in any dictionary's definition of, "Southern gothic fiction. You'd best wear boots when you start to readin' cuz yore fixin' to enter Definitionally Southern Gothic This novel should top the list in any Google search for, or be featured in any dictionary's definition of, "Southern gothic fiction.

They failed to recognize the earth was their mother. Europeans were like their first parents, Adam and Eve, wandering aimlessly because the insane God who had sired them had abandoned them. How 3. However, my rating is part comparison to his previously read works, part comparison to previously read as a whole, due to my growing intolerance for gore porn.

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Chances are good that, had I not read Blood Meridian, or the Evening Redness in the West previous to this, the rating would have been higher. This not being the case, coupled with the climatic overload of view spoiler [gruesome baby murder hide spoiler ] having been hit upon recently in a much stronger fashion by God's Bits of Wood , renders the stars as shown.

And as he lay there a far crack of lightning went bluely down the sky and bequeathed him in an embryonic bird's first fissured vision of the world and transpiring instant and outrageous from dark to dark a final view of the grotto and the shapeless white plasm struggling upon the rich and incunabular moss like a lank swamp hare.

Aeons End The Outer Dark

Another reason for the not quite 'really liked it' is my quota of McCarthytasmagoric prose remaining unfulfilled by the end of the book. This is his first or thereabouts, if I remember correctly, which may explain the beginning of the text flashing out in cthulu glory only to die down and save for a couple brief surges never regaining its sermon of pungent damnation. Few can match the prose of an everlasting stumbling out of the utter darkness into a world of inexorable senses, so if you're looking for a McCarthy intro less inundated by public praise, this would be a good place to start.

As you maybe can tell from my own five-dollar word ramblings, his writing style is an infectious breed. I believe I would've liked it more if the themes had tended less towards the biblical parsings of Original Sin and more towards what it really means for a country to instill an overwhelming desire in all its citizens to go out alone and make as violent and crazed a living as is necessary for their "independence".

Or maybe it was McCarthy's insistence on fleshing out the prolicidal male of the incestuous couple when the author's strengths lie neither in empathy nor in resonance but in fearful archetype of what we worship and cower amongst. Ah well. I'm banking on Suttree to go better than this one did, so here's hoping that pops up at a sale in the coming weeks.

View all 12 comments. Jul 23, Darwin8u rated it really liked it Shelves: The story was allegorical without being stiff, it was regional without being provincial. Like most of McCarthy's work it is Biblical in its power and intensity.

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He isn't interested in little themes. Even in his small books he is taking on ideas as large and slippery as fate, guilt, agency, and God. Structurally, Outer Dark was drum-tight. All of the other reviews are too slavering, too worshipful, too fucking nerdy and self-referential to suggest that their authors actually read this book.

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I read about 15 of them, and not once did I see a comment, suggestion, reflection that added anything to my understanding of the text. Spare me the book reports. If you don't have anything to say, find a forum in which your lack of authority is expected: I suggest the rest of your life. Funny that I didn't see a single mention of its place in t All of the other reviews are too slavering, too worshipful, too fucking nerdy and self-referential to suggest that their authors actually read this book.

Funny that I didn't see a single mention of its place in the canon of wander tales, or of aimlessness, or of narrative freedom, or of the painfully intentional disappointment of expectation, or of the absence of time or space. What's Outer Dark about? Given that all the heroes in McCarthy's books are killers, and all the killers embody nothingness, and that everything else is muffheaded stylistic flourish, I'd say that it's probably about nothingness.

And what's nothingness about? Please allow me to give you a handjob McCarthy. This book is about 'Southern Noir' and violence and incest and taboo and a bunch of other horseshit that makes me uncomfortable and I'm so grateful for your suffocating malletfisted talent and for your allowing me to learn the names of trees and how to violate grammar and syntax artfully.

Shut up. View all 13 comments. Of course, I loved it. To my great surprise, I discovered that I had not read this one while leafing through my paperbacks. Knowing this author, it foreshadows much of his later work, especially with the biblical themes of original sin, banishment from the garden, and the journey that our actions take us on. That journey is dangerous, often humorous, but always tinged with the innate cruelty residing in the heart of man.

The two characters seem oblivious to their original error incest , though Of course, I loved it. The two characters seem oblivious to their original error incest , though McCarthy cleverly never reveals that in explicit terms. The brother and sister are innocents, spat upon this earth by unfortunate accidents, and their child is abandoned by the lad out of sheer confusion and no doubt an instinct for self preservation. It is an error that sets them both on journeys through Appalachia with nary a rag on their backs, one searching for the other and the mother for her child.

A gnome-like misanthrope becomes an unwitting enabler and suffers like many at the hands of a triad of monsters who roam the wild periphery of the embryonic civilizations of this place and time in turn of the century America but who knows, the towns, times and often the people are irrelevant in the ancient form of fables. The people, animals and land are exquisitely drawn in fine intricacy.

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McCarthy has talent for defining the physical landscape of life and its movement. Most notably, the dialects and unmarked he uses no quotations dialogue are raw, authentic and real. It is an act of wizardry the way this author captures the idiom and words of this time and place.

Outer Dark

There is no moralistic tone nor manipulation of the reader, though in the end it is very much a clever parable that instructs morally. This was written well before Deliverance, so the wild Appalachian monster was well molded by the time Dickey put his popular story out. Outer dark is the story of blindness, the play of light on nature, and an allegory for how humans are sucked into their mire, even in the shrieking light of day, and cannot escape the one road that drives them, head down and wary, inexorably toward a fearful fate.

The child at the end is a damaged, battered, injured victim that the reader fervently hopes will be spared. But, of course, this is McCarthy and he is not going to often give us relief. Many will find this deeply disturbing. For me it is the cautionary tale that I need to hear time and again, so I can avoid my own fate, or at least face it with honor and seek the goodness of God in its pursuit.

I found the book easy to read compared to other McCarthy. The novel is lively and traces the movements of each innocent and the terrible cadre of monsters that lurk at the edges, un-abated by the civilized world. In some respects, this is a dark version of Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn, with the escapades of grave robbery, lynchings and generalized racism that runs throughout. She stopped at the sight of this apparition. The road went in deep woods and constant damp and the house was grown with a rich velour of moss and lichen and brooded in a palpable miasma of rot.

Chickens had so scratched the soil from the yard that knobs and knees of treeroots stood everywhere in grotesque configuration up out of the earch like some gathering of the mad laid suddenly bare in all their writhen attitudes of pain.

He leaned his face toward her. Give, he said. I give a lifetime wanderin in a country where I was despised. Can you give that? View all 6 comments. Color rating: Crimson Here, in this forested glade lorded over by Moloch, I could remain evermore. I speak, of course, of The Bearded One, Harmon, and he-with-no-name.

These avenging angeldemons are a creation of pure genius; a category-defying motley of Recompense and Reckoning that blur the line between God and Devil to its properly indistinguishable blood smudge.

Hounded by grief, by guilt, or like this cheerless vendor clamored at heel through wood and fen by his own querulous and inconsolable wares in perennial tin malediction. Outer Dark reads like some expurgated book of the Old Testament, where allegory and metaphor replace overt action. It is thick-clotted at the jugular, and when it breaks free it devastates with grotesque beauty.

Let us make Moloch this sacrifice and remain cool in the shade of the selfsame. View all 21 comments.

McCarthy, Cormac.