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  1. ISBN 13: 9780060595609
  2. Rome the Second Time: The Dogs of Rome: a Conor Fitzgerald Novel
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But at the north end of the bay an even larger building is taking shape, three stories of concrete and timber whose existence has divided the townspeople. It is a hotel, constructed by a controversial businessman to cater to the beginnings of the American tourist trade. It will bring jobs and prosperity to the city -- already more than a hundred men are working on the site, their shirts wrapped round their heads to protect them from the sun.

But some believe it will also destroy the town's traditions and take away the citizens' freedom and self-respect.

As an old man explains to the dog fighter: ''A year from now you will come out of the water and pick up a rake and rake this sand for some tourist to lie out on this beach. But the businessmen will not have you on this beach. Your strength will be used to carry suitcases. They will put you in some neat little suit. He will also fall in love, discover poetry, learn Mexican history and befriend the local street children.

ISBN 13: 9780060595609

All this while also fighting dogs. This description makes ''The Dog Fighter'' sound like a canine ''Fight Club,'' set against a tropical background of love and corruption in 's Mexico. So far, a substandard movie pitch.

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The Marion Ettlinger author photo does little to correct such shallow impressions. Bojanowski is just 27 and extremely blond, and his low fringe and sultry air suggest a literary Brad Pitt. One of Hemingway's strengths was his sheer self-belief.

Rome the Second Time: The Dogs of Rome: a Conor Fitzgerald Novel

Relentless and remarkable. Bojanowski's narrator has no name, but he is one of the most profoundly felt characters in recent fiction. The Feral Detective Jonathan Lethem. Please email webmaster fantasticfiction.

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  • The Dog Fighter: A Novel.
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The Dog Fighter

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