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We do not lend more than half of the cost of a project, because we want our loans to crowd in financing from private investors and other public financial institutions.

Who we are and what we do

The Bank offers a wide range of financial products at favourable terms. For certain projects that support innovation and skills in Europe, we accept more risk than a commercial bank. We also offer technical assistance to help prepare and implement projects. We put money to work. Not taxpayer money — but money we raise from investors on the capital markets. The EIB is financially autonomous.

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We raise money by issuing bonds on international capital markets. Our excellent credit rating means we raise money at good rates.

We pass on these benefits to our clients. We are one of the greenest multilateral banks on the global markets. Our bankers invented the green bond market. In response to the financial crisis, the Bank embarked on a path of change and modernisation. And it has produced real results.

What we are about | Thule Group

One of our tools is the European Fund for Strategic Investments. It aims to bridge the big investment gap in Europe by creating EUR billion in investment by This initiative enables us to respond to future crises more quickly and efficiently. Our priority The European Investment Bank focuses on four areas: Innovation and skills Small businesses Infrastructure Climate and environment All the projects we finance must be bankable. Our clients We lend to the public and private sectors.

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Data-driven organizations are 23x more likely to acquire customers, 6x more likely to retain them and 19x more likely to be profitable than organizations that don't use data in their decision-making. Data-driven decision-making always wins over guesswork.

Partner with our experts to pinpoint the right data and analyze it to strategize for the future of your business. We also help you build the right culture for prioritizing necessary behavior changes -- based on what the data say. For your workplace to win in the future, you need to create a strengths-based culture today.

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Use our CliftonStrengths solutions to discover and develop what your people naturally do best. You will empower your managers, maximize employee performance and, in the process, boost your results on the metrics that matter most to your business. Ask the right questions, analyze your results and act with a clear path using our online platform, Gallup Access.

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It includes all the tools and resources you need to manage -- and strengthen -- workplace performance. Create an environment in your school or university where students can identify and use their strengths every day. We're leading research into the future of education and creating specialized solutions and tools so schools can help students have great jobs and great lives.

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